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The Lyttelton Recreation Centre complex contains a sports hall including squash courts, meeting room and hall (Trinity Hall), all available for functions, activities, meetings or exhibition hire.

CONTACT NUMBER 0800 800 169

There is a sports hall with one basketball court, a squash court, changing rooms and an open mezzanine area. The sports hall doubles as a large assembly space for events and can also support activities such as volleyball, indoor football, indoor bowls, dance, yoga, pilates, group exercise, children, youth, and parenting groups.

Squash court: $15.00 per hour (adults), $10.00 per hour (children) Trinity Hall: $15.00 per hour (community groups), $30.00 per hour (self-employed tutors), $47.94 per hour (private social events), $50.00 per hour (community events/fundraisers), $95.00 per hour (commercial events) Sports Hall: $26.50 per hour (adults) and $20.00 per hour (children) Mezzanine area: $12.00 per hour (community groups) and $20.00 per hour (self-employed tutors)

Lyttelton Recreation Centre
25 Winchester St Lyttelton  
Squash Court 1, Squash Court 2, Trinity Hall , Mezzaine, Gymnasium