Venue Details


Please click on the website link below or contact the venue during office hours on 07 856 3049 


  1. Already a member of a Club affiliated to Waikato Badminton? Your fees are as below (Please provide details of your Club in the message section of your your application):
    • $20 annual fee
    • $13 court/hour (no charge for guests)
  2. Casuals (not a member of a club)
    • $75 annual fee
    • $16 per court/hour (no charge for guests)
  3. Senior Citizens
    • $20 annual fee
    • $11 per court/hour (no charge for guests)
  4. Students
    • $20 annual fee
    • $11 per court/hour (no charge for guests)
    • NO access during peak-times being 4-9pm Mon-Fri
    • Student ID and proof of current enrollment is required to set up a student membership
  5. Drop-in Rate
    • $0.00 annual fee
    • $26 per court/hour

To apply for membership please click on REQUEST MEMBERSHIP at the bottom of this page.

Please remember to upload a copy of your student enrollment form or details of your Affiliated Club if applicible .  

*Account Holders (Members) are entitled to bring anybody (Guests) along to play. Conditions apply.


WBA Admin
07 856 3049

Waikato Badminton Association
30 Old Farm Road Hamilton East  
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